Ma'in Hot Springs

Ma'in Jordan Ma'in is an early center of the Bezant-East-Jordan-Land. Belemunim, the Christian settlement, has a name to which the biblical village Baal-Meon is similar. Baal-Meon is mentioned in 4 Moses 32:38 as a city of the Reubens and is also to be found under the names Beth-Ba'al-Meon (Joshua 13:17) and Bet-Meon (Jeremiah 48:23).

The hot springs and baths of Hammamat Ma’in have been enjoyed for therapeutic and leisure pursuits for thousands of years. The springs are located 35 kilometers southwest of Madaba, along a winding road which crosses some of the most spectacular territory around the Dead Sea. JANNA Spa & Resort at Ma’in Hot Springs is a heavenly world offering visitors the ultimate in relaxation. Refreshing swimming pools and a variety of leisure facilities provide something for everyone, whether it’s a retreat you seek, or simply a means to unwind. JANNA Spa & Resort enhances the resort & spa experience of the hot springs making it a destination of choice for those seeking leisure, bathing, or therapeutic benefits.

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